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TIME-LIFE Rock & Roll

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The stories behind more than 60 of the greatest songs in rock & roll

These are the songs that we know by heart and can’t stop singing: Little Red Corvette. American Idiot. Blowin’ in the Wind. Hotel California. Lola. What inspired the greatest songs in rock & roll? Find out with TIME-LIFE Rock & Roll, packed with the real-life back stories that inspired Prince, Nirvana, Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Elvis, The Doors, U2, Eric Clapton and dozens of other musicians. These stories—grouped by category, from love songs to protest songs to sex, drugs and rock & roll songs—put each of these masterworks in context, then explain how the music and lyrics came to be. Dozens of revealing photos show the muses, the feuds, the fights and the concerts as they looked then. Fascinating for music fans, songwriters and anyone who loves pop culture, TIME-LIFE Rock & Roll is sure to be a hit.

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