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TIME-LIFE The Olympics

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GO! No matter whether in the stands, at home, or out at restaurants or bars with a big screen TV, people from every corner of the world tune in to the Olympics, anxiously perched upon the edge of their seats holding their breath or passionately jumping up and down as adrenaline courses through their veins. It all comes down to one instant - a lightning-fast finish, a soaring jump, or an exquisite move- that defines the “Olympic moment,” fulfilling four years’ worth of waiting for fans and a lifetime of dedication and perseverance for the athlete.

The Olympics: Moments That Made History celebrates these “Olympic Moments” – the ones that have changed the course of history and are etched in our minds forever. Whether it be American swimmer Mark Spitz winning his historic seventh gold medal in 1972, Russian gymnast Nada Comaneci proving perfection at only age 14 as the all-around champion in 1976, or Team USA pulling off one of the greatest upsets of all time – “The Miracle on Ice” – against the seemingly invincible Soviet Union in 1980, The Olympics: Moments That Made History lets you relive those iconic moments in a photojournalistic journey of the best of the Olympic games. Learn more about the history of the games, the pioneers, tragedy and scandal, and the legends that showcased what the Olympics are all about: remarkable athleticism, courage, determination, and above all, heart.

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