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TIME-LIFE The Wild West

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True tales and amazing legends of the old West

As the nation expanded during the 19th century, men and women ventured West in search of fame and fortune, encountering hostile terrain, American Indians unaccustomed to white men, and much more. Now, in a new special edition from TIME-LIFE, return to the days of Lewis and Clark and the Gold Rush, cowboys and Indians, lawmen and gunslingers, pioneers and prospectors. Relive these days of adventure in this volume, filled with fascinating historic photographs and illustrations and articles covering “The Original Americans,” “A Cowboy’s Life,” the “Brotherhood of the Gun” and more. Billy the Kid, Daniel Boone, Sitting Bull, Wyatt Earp, Kit Carson, John James Audubon—all the names that changed the West from unexplored wilderness to part of our United States are here. This is the perfect volume for fans of American history, westerns, heroes and scoundrels, and amazing tales of true grit.

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